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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blog labels

Oh how marvelous! I learned something new for my blog today. How to separate the labels and or titles so that similar posts are together. This is great! Now I can put all my helpful hints together in one place for my customers to come back time after time to review them.

Oh! and the techniques I use for creating quick quilts. Like the 10-2-? or 8-2-2 quilts.

Oh my! and another thing, I can put organizing ideas in one place too. The possibilities are almost endless. Now why didn't I learn this before? A senior brain takes longer to learn new things I guess.

Hmm...now let me think....this creates a dilemma for me. Do I create a second blog just for quilting hints, organizing, and techniques (that are my own creation) or go back and change all the past posts and keep them all in one blog?

I will give myself some time to mull over the situation before deciding to make drastic changes. This is one more thing to write on my to do list for the new year. The list is getting pretty long.

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