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Monday, October 15, 2007

Organizing 2008

I want to first say THANK YOU to those who gave me links to find fabrics. I've located some brick fabric. Today I will do more checking for the wood fabrics.

Does anyone remember back last January when I spent so much time organizing? If not you can look at the January posts. I can't believe I let things get out of hand on me.....again. It's totally not like me to have stuff stacked up everywhere. I've always been a super organized person.

Judy L has asked what goals people have in mind for 2008, my goal is to help an internet friend get organized right along with me. So that my internet friend doesn't feel like she is the only one with stuff everywhere and completely out of hand I'm showing her (and the world) my mess.

This is the kitchen table. When things start piling up on my cutting table or the end of my machine table it gets moved here. The chairs are just for show. The legs are coming apart so they are not for sitting. I will be getting rid of these during our next junk pick up day.

When the table gets so full its ready to topple over, it gets moved to another place. This is the room I chose last January to be the quilting storage room.

This is the closet in the storage room. I had this room was so organized....sigh.

This is another view of the stuff piled up in the floor.

Remember the room that I thought would be a living room after 25 years without one? Well here it is today. This is the love seat.

And this is the couch.

Even the porch has stuff piled up. Those fabric fairies at work again.

The cubbards are bare. Looks like I cleaned it out but I didn't. It's just near time for a grocery trip. Don't worry, I have plenty still left even with an empty fridge. I could eat for another month on canned and packaged foods.

My poor plants. They looked so nice back last January. I'll see if I can save them.

So....for my internet friend....don't try to organize during the Christmas rush. Make lists! This is my little book for listing. On the left is "what I need to buy" on the right is "what I want to do". I take these with me almost every time I'm away from home. If I stop at any store I check the list. The list on the right is the equivalent of a job jar or a honey do list.

If I write it down it will stay there for me to refresh my memory in January when the serious organizing will begin. I will check the list on the right each time I am near an organizing items isle.

For example: I'm planning to move all my stacks of papers into a file cabinet. I have that listed in the one on the right. I'm on the look out for two file cabinets on sale or at a thrift store. I would like to use them as the 'legs' of a desk. I will buy plywood for the desk top. If I happen to find the right file cabinets (and buy them) I cross it off the list. I make a different note on the list to remind me to start the filing of papers.

So...my internet friend...are you ready to begin our organizing pact for 2008? Any one else want to join us? A little note of caution....no organizing (or organizer) in the world will work if you don't use it! I'm guilty too but plan to go back to my old ways.

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