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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Questions or comments?

I often get comments or questions about something in a blog post. I try to answer... I really do.... but it seems like everyone posting has their computer set up with "no comment reply" which of course means answers to comments or questions by the blog owner are "not allowed".

I do respect your privacy but that thing is not for privacy. If a blog owner wants to see who made the comment or asked a question they can back track. They still can't answer but at least they can figure out who it is by spending time looking. The "no comment reply" does only one thing.... stops the blog owner from answering you. If you don't want an answer, then why ask the question?

For a long time I've ignored those who ask a question but have the "no comment reply" turned on. Even though I felt really rude by not answering! I figured they really didn't want an answer because they have their computer set up that way. Especially comment questions from Anonymous. Geeze, do you have any idea how many people have that name. Apparently more than those who have the last name Smith or Jones. Mr and Mrs Anonymous are obviously very prolific in the offspring department. (blushing grin) Could those with the name anonymous please add an initial or something to the end of their post so I know which Anonymous I'm talking with?

I do have my blogs set up so that I get copies of comments sent to my email. I had hoped to be able to reply to questions or comments through my email. It's so much easier to click on the reply button. Well anyway, last night I sat at the computer and figured out how to answer questions while at the same time respecting your right "not" to get an email from me. I will post answers in my comments too. You can find the answers to any questions or comments there.

In the mean time if any visitor feels a need to send a private question or comment you can find my email address on the side bar. There might be times when someone needs help or simply needs a sympathetic ear but doesn't want to make it public knowledge through the comments section. Just be sure you have your email set up so I can click the reply button... OK?

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