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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another finished quilt. It's a very large one. It hangs off the sides of the table. It has wonky cross hatching. I hope he likes how it turned out.

A view from the back to see the wonky lines. It was his choice of design. It goes against a machine quilter's nature to deliberately create crooked cross hatching. We work very hard practicing to keep straight lines straight. When we get very good at straight, then someone comes along asking for not so straight lines. It takes just as much practice to NOT be straight.

I believe it's supposed to be a modern version of a vintage quilt. In other words it's supposed to have the look of a clothing scraps (like would be done in the 30s or 40s) by using some new fabrics upside down. This give the look of faded fabrics. The more I look at it, the more I like it.
Today I'll get started on the three memory necktie quilts I've had for so long. I should be able to get the ties appliqued onto the background and possibly loaded onto the machine. I'm thinking I will load them all on the machine together and do a tutorial on loading multiple quilts.

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