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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have another finished quilt. I love this one. This is one side. It has two battings. One is cotton and the other is poly fluff. When it's washed the applique should puff up more.

This is the other side.

I did stitch in the ditch around all the applique pieces. I used mono thread to hide any imperfections of how close I got.

I did a simple meander in the background. It was the request of the piecer.

I also did a piano key stitching around the outside border and simple loops on the sashing. This was done to keep the stitching fairly consistent throughout. The owner wanted minimal stitching so the puffy batting would stay puffy.
I had hoped to finish another one yesterday. A really small one that wouldn't have taken too long. I didn't get it done because my brother needed me. I honestly can't figure him out. If I could only understand his fears I might be able to say something or do something to help. We wound up taking him to Our Lady of Peace hospital but he didn't want to go in. He has become afraid of the VA hospital. That's why we went to a different place.
His wife set him up with an appointment to be there this morning at 8 am. He will start going there every morning and return home after 3 in the afternoon. She gave him an ultimatum. Either go everyday or she moves out. No ifs, ands, or buts. He should be able to handle out patient visits. He does need someone to talk with and no one is better than the professionals.
A good thing is that his son in law already goes there everyday. Now he will have someone to go with. They get along very well and play golf together quite often.... or at least they did before the panic attacks started. Both seem to be suffering panic attacks. Strange.... very strange that this should happen to them at about the same time.
With him occupied for most days I shouldn't have any interruptions until after 3 pm. I'm already trying to keep my work time between the time Ladybug will go to day care and when she will come home. By the time she and mom actually move in here, my change of schedule should be a habit. That's the plan anyway.

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