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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grocery shopping haul November 2009

I want to say welcome the new "friends" and visitors to my blog. I get so excited seeing new friends have signed up! What started out as a simple place to organize my helpful hints for fellow machine quilters has now become a place for me to put all kinds of ideas to save money, save time, or save space. I'm no expert by any means.... just someone who has been there and done that when it comes to getting by on next to nothing.

Just for fun I thought I'd show you what I bought on my last grocery shopping day. Last Friday. The new visitors and friends reading my blogs may not know I used to shop only 3 or 4 times a year. My SIL doesn't drive so for the past year I've been her chauffeur on shopping days every other week. She hates shopping with my brother. He's too impatient.

I really could have done without all these extra food items but since I was there anyway I got them. I can't resist a discount bin! I got sweet rolls, dinner rolls, and french bread at less than half price. These are for Thanksgiving, as is everything else. The bread items will be flash frozen and wrapped individually so I can take out only enough for one.

You might wonder why I buy discount bread items when I do know how to bake? Well sometimes the price in the discount bin is cheaper than paying for the ingredients, taking the time to mix, and paying the high cost of electricity to bake them. Unless I'm cooking a lot of things in the oven, I don't like to turn it on. It's wasteful. I'm working on a solution for this though. So, keep reading in the days ahead.

Next stop was to Hancock store. I needed more elastic. Way too many ideas for things to make are rolling around in my head. Did I say I needed more elastic? Yup, 60 yards of elastic. Might as well get a couple of other things I needed too. Fabric glue and fray check. Well, they WERE on sale. Ooo, can't resist the Ladybug buttons! I also got a pattern to use for teaching my daughter how to make some little girl clothes. Yippie! It's enough just to get her started sewing.... after so many years of telling me she didn't want to sew. As she put it.... "sewing is boring Mom". I'll show her how to make her own patterns when she's more comfortable about sewing. Would anyone want some basic sewing lessons on this blog? Just let me know and I'll add it.

Next stop is to my favorite store. The hardware. I could spend hours and hours just looking around in a hardware store. So many gadgets! So many re purposing ideas! I did resist spending too much time looking because my SIL doesn't like shopping there. I got the pieces I needed to finish my window quilts, some new rollers for my bed, some wall putty to patch some wall holes, and the hardware to put my closet doors back up.

Shopping every other week has been a down fall for me. I've bought way more than I would have done in the old way of shopping every few months. Every time I enter a store I spot a bargain I think I need. Stores are designed that way. To entice us to pick up "those one or two items we forgot to put on our list".
I've tried to keep the purchases to a minimum. Hmm.... I've also abandoned my price book and inventory sheets. Mostly it's been abandoned because the prices have been fluctuating so much. There's also been way too much activity going on in my house to think about keeping track of prices. This is not good.
I plan to get back to using a price book and inventory sheets again as soon as all the shoving stuff around duties stop and the construction dust settles. I have lots of plans for things to include in this blog in the next few months. I even plan to get back to gardening. Maybe in a small way for now, but every little bit helps.
Well that's it for this haul. Time for me to get started chasing dust bunnies and round them up. Geeze, maybe I should find a way to repurpose dust bunnies since they multiply so fast.

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