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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ladybug and me

Sunday was busy again getting stuff moved, shoved, crammed, etc. A lot got carted out to the alley for junk day which is today. That's one of the reasons for such a rush to get things done over the weekend. The next junk day won't be until spring.

For a little while I had company. Here she is playing with the white board. She still can't make up her mind which hand to write with. Here she has a pen in the right hand with a napkin to erase with in the left.

Then she switches to use the left hand to write with and the eraser in the right hand.

While she was busy with that I took off the dress she was wearing and used it to draw a pattern. Once Ladybug left and the day's junk hauling was done, I decided to start making the dress.

It's made from left over t-shirt backs of course. I didn't quite get it finished. It can wait until next weekend. Adding a decorative stitch really made it pop. The color is bright neon orange.

Today I get back onto the quilting machine for a week of work. I tell you.... it feels really satisfying to have a normal work week again. My stress level is so much lower than it's been over the last few years. I still can't simply sit idle but the enjoyment is back.


rnmom502 said...

We have ladybugs flying around our house, but none as cute at the one at your house! Glad to hear you're feeling less stressful.

Anita Estes said...

Thank you. I do enjoy her company. It will be even better when Ladybug and her mom are here all the time.