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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I thought you were retiring?


I got myself a good chuckle last night. In yesterday's post I talked about getting things down to a "normal work week". I was reminded (in a comment) that I said I was "retiring". I realized I sounded confused. Yes, I know it sounds confusing. Maybe I should start rephrasing it to "switching careers". I've stopped machine quilting for toppers and switching to just creating art or charity quilts.... for myself.

I still have a few topper commitments that were scheduled way before I decided to retire. I estimated it would take me the rest of the year to finish the last of the machine quilting commitments and I'm pretty darn close.

After the holidays are over, starting with the new year, I plan to work on things like this.

I plan to work a "normal work week" at creating my style of textile art. For now, I simply want to create without any thoughts of whether or not I can sell anything. It would be nice to earn a living at textile art.... but it's highly unlikely. Maybe in the future something will sell.
Another thing I want to continue developing is my cardboard furniture art.
I really do like working with cardboard. There are unlimited possibilities with cardboard. The secondary benefit is I can create it to be functional too.

Have you ever seen the UPS tv commercial with the cardboard characters? Every time I see one of the commercials I get excited. The person that created those commercials elevated the status of cardboard out of landfills and into tv spots. I applaud that person for their talent!

I have several PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) that are grandchild quilts and charity quilts. I plan to finish those and get them done at last.

So, you see, I'm still going to be working. It will be a totally different type of work. "Switching careers." I'll work normal hours without all the stress of meeting topper deadlines. I'll work a normal schedule to make myself happy first and worry about selling after I've accomplished that.



Beth said...

I think you should think about teaching a class in your cardboard furniture. We have special interest classes organized by the city here in Glendale. I bet your class would over flow if they saw what you can make! You could just do it as a demo to see what kind of interest. No pressure...You get to set the hours. Or better yet, do it as an online class. Do short videos. I am taking a second machine quilting class in Jan. We see the lesson online, and then post our progress for 'grading' and help. I always get inspiration from your work!

kathi said...

GOOD. you have the plan, and very soon all the topper commitments will be finished and out the door. Finally, it will be time for YOU projects and ideas. To totally enjoy what you are doing, and creating. GO FOR IT!!

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

With that attitude towards retirement you should live to be 100. I've noticed that it's the ones who don't have any plans for things to accomplish in retirement who are soon in the grave. Ghoulish I know, but true.