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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is it ok for me to panic?

I'm still working on this quilt. Did I say lots of stitch in the ditch? Yup, there is.

I had several people stop by yesterday too. I got the "ok to finish" on the three necktie quilts. I gave away a couple of my rug frames and they were picked up. The rest of the quilting books were picked up by three separate people. My baby came home too. Doesn't she look pretty?

She has new wiring and a complete going over. I got a new cording foot too. This repair guy is fantastic. Very reasonably priced as well.
I took a little trip down memory lane on my blogs. I went back and read some of the oldest posts. It's very interesting to go back and see all the things going on and all the changes I've made in my life while blogging. I've always kept a journal and sometimes I read those, but the blogs have pictures. A captured moment in time. I can see the struggles with organizing and all the dust bunnies I've dealt with.
A few weeks ago I was forced to remove some of the oldest posts because I had gotten up to the limit of 500 posts. Well, I'm almost up to 500 again. Time to remove some of the oldest again. It's a lot easier to remove posts on this blog than it is on the other one. On this blog I don't mind printing the posts out and putting them into a binder. It's the other blog that I don't like deleting information that could be useful to someone searching for information.
While traveling down blogging memory lane it suddenly popped into my mind.... my daughter and grand daughter will be moving in here in only a couple of weeks. PANIC! Lots of things must be done in the next couple of weeks. I've got to get myself moving a little faster to get things ready. I took a walk through the house making notes of things I must get done. It won't be easy continuing to quilt, creating winter crafts to save energy, and moving stuff all at the same time... but nothing to do but to do it. Somehow it will all get done. Oh gosh, Thanksgiving is this month too. Now it's time for a real panic attack. I best get started right away.


SandyQuilts said...

500 posts ... blogger only allows 500 posts? I didn't know that. Do you know where it states that fact in blogger.com ?

Anonymous said...

Love all the work you've done on your blog. Do you ever sleep? Always thinking, coming up with ideas for saving money, time, recycling, everything!

kathi said...

Now. was that time to get moving faster, as i don't know anyone that gets more done than you do. or.. is it time to PANIC.. as, yes, that is what i am beginning to do.. giggle.