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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a day

Whew!  What a day it was.

I had decided I couldn't do any quilting until I had cleaned out the freezer and gotten rid of all the ruined foods. I called my neighbor to carry the heavy stuff out to the trash cans.

Half of what was in the freezer belongs to my daughter. She shops my freezer once a week to put into her refrigerator like I do. She also helps stock up the freezer with foods she uses but mostly it's me that finds the bargains to stock the freezer. She works full time and attends college classes at night. Some of her food choices are convenience foods for when her schedule doesn't allow scratch cooking time. She was as upset as I was about loosing the foods.

When I was cleaning out my freezer and pitching the lost food I kept wondering why the alarm hadn't sounded. I checked and sure enough it was on. It's still under warranty so I called to find out what might have happened. A repairman is scheduled to be here on Saturday to replace the faulty alarm. He believes its the switch instead of the wiring. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to replace it.

Just to be sure I don't forget to keep the door closed again.... I made myself a sign. Can't miss it when I open the door from now on.

I didn't loose absolutely everything as I had thought. When I was pitching stuff I realized some food was still fully frozen. I had it packed very tight so it was like a very large chunk of ice. It takes longer to thaw. Other foods were only partially thawed so those can be saved. This is the chicken that was saved. I couldn't restack it as tightly as I had it before though.

So that no reader thinks I may be going hungry, here is a look inside the refrigerator freezer. Plenty of food in there too.

Well anyway I decided to cook what could be saved and refreeze it again after cooking. I started with the biscuits. Cooked them and wrapped them individually so my daughter can take out what she wants for individual meals.

Then baked a bunch of chicken that had only partially thawed. I'll cut this up into smaller pieces and refreeze to be used in soups or casseroles.

Next up was the cookies..... lots and lots of cookies! I believe there is about 10 dozen in these two bowls cooling off waiting to be repackaged and refrozen.

I was all set to start cooking some of the pork and beef when who should show up to help NaNa eat some of the cookies? Why its Ladybug of course! What's a grandmother with plenty of fresh baked cookies to do without someone to enjoy them?

Mommie had class to attend and Daddie had to work mandatory overtime so NaNa had company for the night. Then a friend delivers more cardboard. Hmm.... really nice big pieces.... but where am I going to put these until I have time to work with it? Some of it is 4 x 8 feet boxes. They will just have to wait on the table until I finish with other things.

I did work for awhile on the quilt that's on the machine. I really, really need to get the quilt finished today because it's to be picked up tomorrow. I really, really need to finish cooking the foods that thawed so I don't loose it. I really, really need to cut up the cardboard to get it off my working table so I can have room to put the binding on the quilt before the owner shows up tomorrow. I really, really need to get my life more organized. I really, really need to get my act together!

Aww heck, I think I really, really need a nice hug from Ladybug. It's time to get her up, fed, and dressed for daycare. Nothing is quite like a smile and a hug from a baby just waking up in the morning..... refreshed, bright eyed, and ready for a full day of exploring the world.

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kathi said...

Yes, there is nothing more important than a sweet grandchild. Very good she came to help you with the mass of cookies! THAT was the best thing and will NOT be taken away from you.