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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I needed thread and a new schedule

My brother, his wife, and I decided we needed some time together to discuss the options for Mom. We all went out for breakfast yesterday so we could sit and talk. It appears we will have no other choice but to allow Mom to be sent out of state. None of us are capable of handling her special needs ourselves. There are only a very few nursing homes around the country set up to handle patients like her. (Paranoid bipolar disorder) None are located in Kentucky. We may want to visit her but her special needs are more important than our wants.

Before Mom can be sent out of state we need to go to court and get her a state appointed guardian for the new state. This will remove the burden from me to go sign papers when hospitalization is needed. We don't know which state she will be sent to yet because we have to wait for an opening at one of the facilities. There is a facility located in Indiana that is just a couple of hours drive from Louisville so we are hoping she will be placed there.

Mom isn't going to be moved until there is an opening..... we hope. If an opening doesn't come up soon, we may be forced to take her into our own home which neither of us can actually do. The nursing home can give us a 30 day court notice to have her removed. It's kind of like an apartment eviction notice. So somehow I've got to make room in my schedule for doing what is needed to assure my mother gets placed into another facility when the time comes..... which could be at any time.

On the way home my brother stopped at Hancock fabrics so I could pick up some thread. I was out of some colors and running very low on others. I seriously needed to restock. You think I bought enough?

Today I will sit and work with my schedule and calendar again. My previous post may have sounded like I was complaining.... but I wasn't. I was just shocked that I had gotten so booked up so fast. It's really not like me to not be paying attention to my schedule. All I can say is that all the "life happenings" over the past few months had clouded my vision and judgement.

I hadn't realized I was so overbooked until I visually saw it written out on the calendar. I was shocked at myself for not allowing any time for my own wants and needs too. While I was out yesterday, I bought a new calendar. (smiling) Nothing is written on it so nothing scheduled yet. A clean calendar to start reworking my schedule. You ever tried finding a current year calendar in late February? It's not easy to find one. I got lucky and found one on the discount table for half price. Hmm... a bargain is always good.
Hopefully by the end of the day I will have everything all sorted out and much more practical. Some things will have to be dropped for now because new things..... like court appearances for Mom.... are going to have to be worked in there someplace. I will post about how I do my schedule when I get it finished. It will probably be a good post for my helpful hints blog.

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Bethany said...

What a hard decision to make for your mom. As a bipolar person, I hadn't even thought that I may need a special facility when I get older. Something to think about. I hope it all works out for you and your mom.