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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Media's big boo boo

I'm still laughing. I think it's hilarious!

When it was first announced that a woman had given birth to 8 babies; the media went on a frenzy to find out more about her..... even though she wished to remain anonymous. There were all kinds of questions about the morality of invetro firtilization for a woman who already had 6 children. Especially for a single, unemployed woman.

When the media was asking all kinds of questions of the doctors about the morality of giving a woman with children more babies by the invetro method.... I kept thinking why should they care how many babies this woman wanted. How she chooses to get pregnant is her choice.... not the doctors. No one in the media ever questions the right of the Duggers to keep having more children. Not one person in the media ever asked Mr and Mrs Dugger..... don't you think 18 is enough? No! Instead the media invites the Duggers to be on their tv show with all of their children. The media celebrates the fact that Mrs Dugger is expecting baby number 19.

The media kept asking..... how will this new mother of 8 support 14 kids if she is unemployed and single. So exactly when did the dictionary meaning of the words..... single and unemployed..... come to mean..... poor, uneducated, and on welfare? Yes, I know in society this is the way people view a single unemployed mothers with lots of children these days. But why should it be this way?

The hilarious part is that the woman is not an uneducated welfare mother. The reporters had it all wrong. She is single because she and the babies' father chose not to get married. Lots and lots of couples choose not to marry and still have children together. Hundreds of thousands of people have been layed off lately which means they are now unemployed.... am I right? Being unemployed doesn't automatically mean a person is signing up for welfare or that they have never gotten an education does it?

The media kept asking the doctors why a selective abortion wasn't done to get rid of some of the babies instead of letting her have eight? Well, not everyone is in favor of abortions. That's why we have the big debate over whether a woman has a right to choose isn't it? So where are the right to life people now? Why aren't they in the media defending this woman's choice not to selectively abort?

Yes, I'm still laughing at the big boo boo of the media. This woman is not poor and on welfare nor is the father poor. They both have the financial means to support the children. This woman has chosen to be a stay at home mother. And why shouldn't she be allowed to make this choice like everyone else? Many women have chosen to be stay at home mothers and no one ever questions their choice. This woman is not uneducated. She is attending college and working toward getting her PHD.

If the media got this story so very wrong.... isn't it possible they are wrong about other things too? I don't think I will look at the news in quite the same way any more.

Oh, and before I forget.... I'm still working on the next quilt.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for about 2 months now. I must say that I didn't think you would taint your blog with this kind of a rant, but since you did, I must speak up. I believe YOU have the facts wrong and would encourage you to broaden your resources so that you could learn more about this subject. It might serve you better to widen your news-resource to learn some of the truth about this woman you are siding with. What "media" has claimed she was an "uneducated welfare mother"?

First, check up on that "partner" you seem to believe exists. There is no "father". She had in vitro fertilization (check that spelling, too!). The clinic used a sperm donors, not a "partner".

My media feeds are from about 9 different sources via TV and radio, not including online sources. I believe that if you knew the facts about this woman, you might not condemn the "media" as you have.

Most of the public outrage about this woman is that she has breeched bioethics and this has challenged the majority of responsible Americans. Basically what she is doing is an opportunistic ploy to gain money and fame at the expense of innocent babies. She is seeking financial compensation for her litter of babies, and for her large family that she cannot support at this time. Her parents have filed bankruptcy. She is unemployed. Where is the responsibility here? She OPTED for IV fertilization -- she CHOSE to carry a LITTER to term. A regulated fertility clinic implants 1 or 2 fertilized eggs. Soon, we will learn the clinic that was used -- if it is a US clinic, they will undoubtedly lose their board certifications and licensure because this breaks the medical guidelines.

To me, and many others, her actions and the outcome at this point is reprehensible. What she is doing is nothing short of extorting money from innocent babies who have NO SAY in this whatsoever. A three-bedroom apartment for 17 people is probably against code violations, even in California.

Her actions are beyond irresponsible. She's a freak show and she's a cheap act, regardless of her acquired "education". Not all who own paper from a college have common sense or morals. I hope that her idea to get-famous-and-rich falls flat. She does not deserve public attention and is NOT a role model.

Sad that you compare this to the Duggar family. I have watched this family for 4 years on and off. Many others have too. Why? They are goodness. They are humble Christians who have supported themselves and lived frugally and their personal successes have given them the ability to earn a living through public television now. They have EARNED a place in our society and they have EARNED the right to be a role model. People watch them because they live-The-Word. They actually practice what they believe in. The Duggars are very religious and their fundamental belief system is one of a God-based morality where man does not interfere with contraception and fertility. This basic tenet is a part of the fundamental Christian belief.

Their children have been gifts of God. Their family and their lifestyle have been through hard work, honest living, and through worship. How dare you judge them and compare them to the irresponsible "mother" in California. There is NO comparison aside from having a large number of children. And actually, at this point, those 1-pound preemies in the NICU in California (at the expense of taxpayers, I might add), may not even live. At this point, only God knows their destiny.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article you might want to read. I would think you might have heard of CBS. After you read this, I hope you see that she is not honest, has no integrity, and is not 'above board'.


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