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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi Anonymous

You have your "no reply-comment blocker" turned on and you did not send me your email address; so I can't reply privately. This is the only way I know to respond to your comment on my previous blog post.

I'm sorry if you took my blog post the wrong way. I didn't think I tainted my blog but maybe I did. I was not ranting; I was poking fun at the media. I should not have done that. I should not have poked fun at anyone.... not even the media. Making fun of someone is wrong. I was wrong in doing that and I admit it. Maybe I'm slipping because of old age or something.

The whole point of my post was to state my personal opinion on the media condemning this woman before knowing her complete story. My point was that no one ever condemned Mrs Dugger for having a large family. No one ever condemned any of the several other mothers who have had 5, 6, or 7 in vitro "litters"; so why is the media condemning this woman before knowing her whole story?

The only reason I could hear, for the media condemning this woman, was that she is unemployed and is single. Maybe the media said something I didn't hear so maybe I only thought this to be the reason for condemning her.

If you watch that many tv news shows: have you ever really watched how the reporters act instead of seeing the story they report? Try turning the sound off and just watch their behavior. I admit I'm just a little old lady quilter but sometime I see where the reporters are very rude to the people they are trying to interview..... and to each other. I don't know about you; but, if I saw a bunch of kids surrounding one child while pushing and shoving each other I would have to step in to stop their behavior before there is a fight. So why is it that reporters feel it's ok to act that way? Also, try quoting which reporter said what after listening to 3 or 4 reporters talking over each other for an hour.

Hmm... what about the woman wanting to get paid for her story? Since it feels to me as if absolutely everyone wants to get the story..... why shouldn't the woman get paid to tell it? Heck, I wish someone would pay me for mine! If I got paid for it I would type-talk your ears off about my life. Just look at how much of my life I share freely in my two blogs. I could easily double or triple the amount I share if someone paid me for it. If the offer of paying for my story ever comes my way; I think I'm going to take the offer.

I apologize for my bad spelling. I did a spell check but it didn't find that error. The word had an e sound so I spelled it with an e. I may not be good at spelling or grammar but I try to get my point across in the only way I know how. I started school in a one-room schoolhouse deep in the backwoods of Kentucky. I was moved from one foster home to another, one orphanage to another, one relative to another, every few months while growing up. Whoever agreed to take me for while is where I went. Growing up in this way, education was not a priority..... staying alive was.

You're probably right, I should broaden my resources to include many different news media; but, customer quilts come first. When I'm choosing between finishing quilts and reading a newspaper or watching a news show.... the quilts always win.

I think you misunderstood my feelings about the Dugger family. I wish I had been born into a large loving family like that. I also wish on many lonely nights that my husband had not died so we could have fulfilled our dream to have our 12 children. Yes, both of us wanted to have between 8 and 12 children. If wishes were pennies.... I'd be a billionaire.

I'm sorry; but, I have to ask you these questions because I don't understand something you said in your comments. Do you know something about this mother the rest of us don't know? Are you saying that you know for certain the lady who had 8 babies is not a good christian? And also saying that because one has the ability to get pregnant easily and the other must receive help that only one has the right to be a mother? What if it turns out that this woman and her partner are Buddhists or Atheists or Muslim or Wickists? Does that mean they should not be allowed to have children or to earn money from telling the story? I'm just asking, that's all.

I think if you check again you will find that the media is reporting that all 14 of this woman's children are by the same man and they know each other. He is not anonymous to her. In my personal opinion that means.... partner.

Until we know the woman's story and the reason the father is a donor rather than a participant.... isn't it just possible there might be a male medical condition preventing the two from conceiving nature's way? Here's only one possibility.... What if the man doesn't have the working part but does have the tadpole producing parts? (I don't want to describe what I mean in real words in my blog....it draws ugly spam.) I'm sure there are countless other possibilities too for these two to conceive in this way.

Here is another possibility.... what if two or three fertilized eggs split into multiples after being injected? I believe that happens quite often with in vitro doesn't it? Should she have been forced to have an abortion of some of the multiples? Isn't abortion of any kind against christian beliefs? Don't the christian right to life advocates condemn abortion for any reason?

Ok, here's my personal opinion and you can flame me on this if you want.... I've got my flame proof suit on.

Until I hear from this woman and her partner what the real story is; I'm not going to condemn them. Doesn't the Bible say...... Let those who are without sin cast the first stone. Yup, I'll be one of the people paying for a copy of the book, when it comes out, just to satisfy my curiosity about who this woman is and why so many are ready to condemn her. If she never tells the story that's her right too. She has a right to her privacy same as anyone else.

IF I had the time and IF I could get this woman's home address; I'm the kind of person that would make all 14 kids a quilt to send them. Since I can do neither; I'll just be content to watch the story unfold.

As I get older I get more forgetful. If I ever poke fun at anyone again.... please, someone let me know I goofed.... ok? Just do as my daughter does......

"Mom, you're showing your stupidity again."



Gudrun said...

Strong word.... tainted.
This is your blog, your opinion did not taint it, it is your opinion. I for one like to
read how others think about things. We can agree to
disagree without causing each other this kind of distress.

Trish said...

Well, I have to agree with Gudrun... the reason I've been reading your blog for a year is because I enjoy reading what you write, and I respect your opionion.

Anonymous said...

I am ANonymous too but not the one that got her feathers ruffled. I agree with you sometimes the media
can be too a big influence and sometimes we need to read between the lines. Thanks for your blog I enjoy your pictures very much.

Diane said...

I always look forward to reading your blog. It is your blog and therefore, I expect to read about your opinions. It is always good to read what others are thinking.