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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Read the fine print?

How often do you read the fine print on subscriptions, contracts, or packages? Did you know the smaller the print and the lengthier the printed stuff.... the more likely it will contain things to trap you?

If you are like me you rarely read the fine print. It usually contains words we need a dictionary to understand. We are inundated with fine print all over the place. From packaging to tv commercials to web subscription sites to contracts. We usually sign or click without any thought to what the fine print contains. Think about it.... give it some really deep thought..... we could be signing away our whole life savings or our future income with a click of a mouse when we don't read the fine print.

Sometimes the fine print is a good thing. For example this 5 year guarantee on these light bulbs. See, it's large enough to read so it's good. This package has the directions for how to file a claim for the replacement if these don't last five years. It also contains the conditions of use that might disqualify a replacement. I keep packages like this one in my files.

When I opened the package, I wrote the date on the bulbs.

I'm not going to remember, a few months or a couple of years down the road, exactly what day I started using this bulb but it will be there for me to see. Packages for my quilting related stuff will sometimes have guarantees. I'm especially diligent in keeping those. Some things I prefer not to write a date on. In that case I would have to go to the file to see when it was bought if something doesn't last as long as I believe it should.
In the past I kept receipts in a different place but I'm going to keep both the receipt and the package together from now on. The reason I had receipts in another place was for taxes. Energy credits or business credits and all that stuff. To solve the problem I'll simply write the amount and where the receipt is filed on a list in my tax file.

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