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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What are these?

Would anyone care to guess what these things are? I sewed them together this morning?

Ok, I give in.... I'll tell you what they are. They are dry skin elbow treatment patches.

As a young girl I was taught the best treatment for dry skin was vaseline. To smooth dry hands simply slather on a bunch of vaseline before bed and put on gloves to keep the vaseline from coming off on bed sheets. In the morning you would have wonderfully soft hands. To soften your dry heals use vaseline and a pair of socks. In a pinch, if you didn't have vaseline, then diaper ointment or plain ol' shortning will do.

I have horribly sore, chapped elbows during the winter months. I've tried just about every cream and lotion I could find but nothing has helped. This morning I thought maybe I should go back to the old way and use vaseline on my elbows. But, how would I keep it from rubbing off on my clothes or sheets? So that's why I made elbow patches.
Oooo.... just look at what I got! My friend and her husband brought me the cardboard he had saved for me. Thank you!! These should keep me busy for awhile. (smile)

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