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Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking control of the schedule

I worked with my calendar again. I started with a few lists.

Next I pulled out every quilt I have waiting in the studio. I listed them by size and difficulty. Can you believe that not one of them is scheduled for pantograph quilting? Everything is custom or heirloom. I moved them back into the storage drawers by priority. There are 25 of them.

Then I created tiny post its for all the quilts to be done and for all the activities I need or want to do for the next few months. Why post its instead of writing on the calendar? (smile) So I wouldn't use so many erasers of course. Post its are easily moved around. I was doing too much erasing.
I put the must do on first followed by the want to do items. Fridays are for shopping and babysitting. I've been taking my SIL every other week. The other Fridays are for my granddaughter to be here. Sundays are usually for me to relax. Saturdays are usually teaching days. You can see I added in the trips I will have to be chauffeur for my brother when he has to go to the doctor. If the day isn't right it will be easy to schuffle the post its around.

Next it was time to add the quilting work. I tried to schedule an easy one next to a difficult one but not very many look like they will be easy to do.

So here is the last of February with it's schedule.

This is what March looks like.

This is what April looks like. If the schedule changes, I just move the post it notes around until it all fits again. For example I have my brother's doctor trip scheduled on my calendar for Wednesday. If his appointment is on a different day then I switch it with one of the quilting days.

I won't bore you with the other months because they are pretty much the same all the way through December. Geeze, the rest of February already needs shuffling because I must go to the courthouse either tomorrow or Wednesday to file for a state appointed guardian for my mother. That will probably use up most of one day which can't be used for quilting or teaching.

Then today I spent about 3 hours ridding my blog of those dreaded attachment sites. If you don't know what I mean.... they are sites that are attached to a blog through the comments and will redirect a reader to the unwanted sites instead of seeing the blog. I had nearly 30 of them on different older posts. It took me a while to locate them all. I've set up the comments to be sent by letter recognition only. This eliminates the automatic mining of my site by undesirable people.
I did spend a little time relaxing Sunday evening. I painted my cardboard furniture piece. I'm going to put this away for awhile and think about starting another piece. This one was created only to help me remember the steps involved. I made several mistakes in creating it which I won't make in creating the next piece.

The quilt I have on the machine is taking longer than I thought it would. The next one on the machine will be this one. An issue quilt. See the very friendly border?

Ok, I think I best get to bed so I can get an early start in the morning.

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