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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I only do three types of quilting

I do only three types of quilting

Your choices are:




You may choose only two, because I can't do all three at once.

If you choose fast and good...... it won't be cheap.

If you choose good and cheap..... it won't be fast.

If you choose cheap and fast..... it won't be good.

I've had a piece of paper with this little saying taped on my intake table for probably 20 years. It's directly in front of where the customers tend to stand. It can't be missed. Periodically the paper gets worn and dirty. Today I made a clean new one to put onto the table. In giant lettering because the customers aren't paying attention to it anymore. Increasingly; customers are expecting me to do all three.... which I can't do. Now all I've got to do is clean off the old tape.

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