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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A relaxed day

After I finished the dishes yesterday I worked in my square foot garden.  I removed these pipes.

Then put in regular fencing posts.  The kind that holds wire fencing.  I used the hooks on the posts to run strings that will support the plants.  Before next year I will get some fencing.  Hmm... I just realized I've been telling people my garden is 12 square feet.  It's actually 24 square feet of space.  DUH!  I thought I could count better than that.  Apparently not.  Don't ya just love those duh moments?

After working on that I decided to do more house cleaning.  I didn't get back onto the quilting machine until late afternoon.  I almost finished stabilizing the current quilt. 

My cardboard breakfast bar is progressing along nicely and I'm getting the instructions posted.  I'm running short on double fluted cardboard so I have to plan carefully each step.  Kind of like running short on one fabric half way through a quilt and with careful planning the fabric goes farther.  Now that I'm creating with cardboard again, it's sometimes difficult to keep from starting lots of different pieces.  Must discipline myself to say NO to the creative inner mind when work must get done.  (grin)

After this current quilt is finished I have a day or two that I can use to finish up one of my own projects.  I'm not sure if I want to work on the door quilt that's already started or work on finishing the roses quilts.  I'll think about it. 

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lw said...

Your garden looks good!