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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oooo.... eye candy alert!!

Anyone want to see some really good art?  I hate to send you away from visiting my blog but it's worth it.  So you can see the eye candy I've been drooling over during a break from the quilting machine. 

Click on this link, look at the quilts posted on the blog, and then click on the "gallery" buttons at the top of the blog.   

Harmony Hopes Studio


kathi said...

AWESOME!!! soo much EMOTION and even a tad of sci fi. LOVE IT. but right now I AM THE PERSON in that chair SCREAMING. thanks for sharing. i NEEDED that.

rnmom502 said...

Wow! And to think that in 1971 when my art teacher asked us for examples of art I said "quilts". And in a rather snippy way he responded with, "That's not art!" Wonder where that idiot is today??