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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I see sunlight

The tree is loaded with cherries.  I picked about 10 gallons and the neighbors picked as many as they wanted.  The birds will get the rest.  I pitted and put 6 gallons in the freezer and 4 gallon in the dehydrator.  Hmm.... if grapes are called raisins and cranberries are caled craisins... what are dried cherries?  Cheraisins?

In order to pick cherries that were higher in the tree we used a ladder.  Before we could get the ladder near the tree I cleaned bushes from the fence.

I kind of got carried away cleaning out the fence.  There's still a lot of stuff to cut on the outside of the fence but it looks much better already.  The fence on the other side of the yard is still a mess. 

After the fence cleaning and the cherry picking I worked on the quilting machine.  I have the borders finished on this quilt.  Today I'll work on the blocks.

I have another quilt I need to start when this one is finished.  I told the customer I would do my best to finish it by the 10th.  It's ok if I don't.... but I'll try.

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