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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally another finished

It really wasn't difficult.... just time consuming.  It's a large quilt.   Three and a half days of quilting.  I think the finished look was well worth the time.

I did line dancing on the yellow and flutterbys on the blue squares.  Those are 2 inch squares.

The thread doesn't show up on the red so I lay my test drawing on top so you could see the design.  It's a flower and leaf design.

It's hard to see the border design of a leafy vine.

This is on the back side.

During the heat of the afternoon, from about 2 or 3 until sundown, my studio gets very hot.  I do have central air but it doesn't help much unless I crank it full blast.  My budget can't stand a high electric bill.  When it starts to get hot I head to the back part of the house where it's cooler.  That's when I find other things to do to keep busy.  This is the first section of my cardboard breakfast bar. 

Yes, yes, I know it still looks just like an ordanary box.  There's a lot of strength inside the cardboard walls.  I'm ready to put in the second shelf.  I only work on it when it's just plain too hot to be in the studio.  It really won't look like much more than a bunch of cardboard until the final finish is put on it.

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lw said...

I agree that the work on the large quilt was worth it-- I love the flower motif. Very pretty, and very in keeping with the original concept.

I can't tell where you're going on the cardboard breakfast bar yet, but I'm curious to see where it's going.