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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Way cool!

I couldn't get onto the computer yesterday.  Early morning storm kept me away from electrical stuff again.  When the storm was over I was already into a spring cleaning rhythm.  Didn't want to stop.

I got an email from the owner of a very interesting site.  Check it out..... Anita Estes.  Way cool! 

Hmmm..... I think I forgot to show this little quilt when it was finished a few days ago.  It's a worm quilt.  I did stitch in the ditch on the center area. 

The border got marching worms.  They didn't show up very well in the closeup photo so here's what they look like on the back. 

I had a pretty productive weekend.  Lots of house cleaning of the spring cleaning variety.  I also worked on the remaining roses.  I did the tulle overlays and started the free motion embroidery.  These are not finished yet but can wait for another weekend.  I have the next customer quilt on the machine and getting it stabelized. 

I also cut some pieces for my next cardboard furniture piece.  I decided not to finish the cardboard desk I started several months ago.  It's waited this long.... it can wait a little longer.  I don't need it right away.  I'm creating furniture based on my current household need.  This project piece seems to be telling me it's needed first.  

Hmm.... I hear a quilt calling me from the studio.  Ok, need to make a post on my other blog first though.

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