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Thursday, June 24, 2010

It was a good day

I had a really good ME DAY except for a bit of excitement in the neighborhood.  It's actually a building on the next block, behind those in the picture. 

I was having a ME DAY and sitting on the porch when I spotted this and called 911.  I didn't have the address.  They wanted me to walk to the next block to get the address.  Why is it they can't just go to the right block and see for themselves what address it is?  Surely firemen can't miss seeing thick black smoke and flames.  These are boarded up buildings without addresses on them.  Geeze!  Well apparently someone else called too so they got the address.

I went out and talked with the neighbors for a bit.  Apparently this is the 5th fire we've had in our neighborhood over the last month.  We have a fire bug!  I only know about 2 of the fires.  My neighbors told me about the others.  Those fires happened during the night when I would have been asleep.    

It's good to take a ME DAY every once in awhile.  I cleaned and mopped.  I worked on cardboard furniture and my blogs.  I called friends I haven't talked with in years.  I looked through fabrics.  I made laundry soap and put eggs in the freezer. 

I feel much better about getting back on the quilting machine today even though this quilt will probably take several days to finish.


rnmom502 said...

Have two questions:

1. How on earth were you able to sit outside and tolerate the heat?

2. How do you freeze eggs? I freeze everything else when I stock up during sales and often wished I could freeze eggs. What is your technique?

Always read your blogs each day. I don't usually comment, but I certainly do enjoy seeing what you're up to.


Anita Estes said...

Hi Denise, Thank you, it's always nice to know people are reading my blogs.

I set outside for only short periods of time, early in the morning, before it gets hot. I was actually sitting there watching for someone who had not been to my house before. I didn't want him to miss my house.

Freezing eggs is not difficult. I think I'll put that on my hints blog for tomorrow but you can probably find the directions online.

kathi said...

we call THOSE events BLOCK PARTIES. my nieghbors tree got "hit by a drunk in a LARGEE truck" BLOCK PARTY. a few years back. SOME IDIOT forgot our road ENDED at "center" but WENT ON and RAMMED into the house "across the way".. yup. BLOCK PARTY. SOMETIMES that is how we "get to know the neighbors" we ARE pondering planning a REAL block party. but til then "events of trauma" seem to be doing the trick. giggle.