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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cardboard crafts blog

I didn't get finished with the current quilt.  I got down to the last couple of rows when it simply was too hot in the studio to continue.  So I went to the back part of the house and worked on setting up my newest blog.  Can you tell the room is dark?  If the sun can't get in.... it can't make it hot.

Well of course, while setting that blog up I had to work on the other two as well. 

You might wonder why I have three blogs instead of just putting everything on one?  Hmm.... it's like having three file cabinets.  One cabinet for each subject.  I have this blog which is like a "what's Anita doing today" journal.  I have the hints blog of "ways I save time, money, or space".  Now I have a blog devoted to "using cardboard in artistic ways" instead of putting it into a landfill. 

None of my blogs earn me money although I'm thinking of "monetizing" the cardboard blog just to see if it works.  I guess my curiosity is getting the best of me because I really want to know if money can be earned just by writing a blog. 

I still have work to do on the cardboard blog.  I want to do a few experiments with blogger features while there is not much on the site.  Less information to loose if something goes wrong.  But... right now I am headed to the studio to finish the current quilt before it gets too hot again.

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