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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Floor mop pads

I made a discovery that I wanted to tell everyone about.  As you know, I'm a person that will avoid disposables whenever possible.  I like finding an alternative.  Not long ago I tried a new type mop for my floors.  I think it was a swiffer wet jet or something like that.  I didn't like it because the attached bottle was very heavy, the handle too short, and the pads were disposable.  I got rid of it. 

Well, I discovered these are washable!  No, the manufacturer doesn't tell you that.  I figured what the heck.... I could try washing them before throwing them away.  Couldn't hurt since they are made to be wet already.  I might find another use for them.  Maybe as duster cloths or something.

Ok, they went through the wash and dryer just fine.  A little ragged on the edges but still very usable. 

Then I got to thinking..... how can I use them again?  Why not as floor mops, like before, only this time use them on my duster mop.  I can use them either wet or dry.  They were meant to be wet so why not use them that way?  No bottle is attached on the duster mop so it can't be too heavy for me.  I bought these at the Dollar Store.

I mixed up 4 tablespoons of the Spic n span with 1/4 cup of the fabric freshener in a quart bottle then added water to the top.  I see no reason to make a strong mixture of the Spic n span unless someone tracks mud through the house.  A little goes a long way.

I put the mop cloths in the original box and poured the mixture on until the pads were all wet. 

I tried it on the floor and it works great!  No need to rinse the floor to remove soap either.  The spic n span is meant to be used without rinsing.  I did check the bottles of both to be sure it was safe to use on my flooring before I tried this experiment.  I like that I don't have the heavy bottle on the handle.  How many times can they be washed before I finally have to throw them away?  I don't have a clue right now.  I'll keep washing until they are beyond hope.  By that time I will have made myself some washable pads to use with the mixture.  Whenever I run out of the Spic n span, I'll try a mixture of my homemade laundry soap.    Hmm.... that reminds me, I need to make some more, I'm about to run out.

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