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Friday, June 4, 2010

Another finished

I'm late posting today.  I decided to work at the machine early instead of getting on the computer.  I want to do some fabric sorting this weekend which meant I needed to get the quilting work done first. 

Here's a close up of the snowball blocks.

It's hard to see it but I did a feather and curl design on the outside border and a heart vine on the inside border.

I did line dancing on the 9 patch blocks.

I did a small heart on the snowball block corners.

There was one special block so I did a heart shape feather on this one.  I guess you can tell the customer wanted hearts and feathers... it's a wedding gift.

We also had a bit of trouble in the neighborhood.  That is from a house about a block away.   

As you can see it put a lot of smoke around my house because the wind was blowing our way.

I don't know what happened.  I guess it will be on the news later today.   Since I still have time left in the day I think I'll eat a bite then put the next quilt onto the machine so it will be ready for Monday morning.   I'm kind of looking forward to fabric sorting this weekend.  I can get myself reaquainted with what I have and rethink what I had planned to make with it.  I believe I've already gotten rid of all that I really won't use. 

If I finish the sorting with enough time left over maybe I can work on a piece of cardboard furniture this weekend.  Maybe not to start making it but more like doing the math for the pieces to cut.  I have several designs I've drawn.  I'm just not sure which one I want to start making.  Hmm.... maybe one priority this weekend should be finding a good place to store lots of large pieces of cardboard in this house.  I can't make cardboard furniture without the cardboard.  Can't have the cardboard without a place to store it. 


lw said...

I like the feather and curl. What is it with snowball blocks? They're turning up everywhere.

That fire at your neighbors' reminds me, don't put the cardboard anywhere near the heater or the kitchen, it's really flammable.

Anita Estes said...

The snowball quilts are turning up everywhere because several online groups have issued a challenge to create them. There are instructions all over the place on how to make these very fast and easy. It will last for awhile then another easy, fast quilt challenge will be issued.

lw said...

I don't know about snowball blocks, but one of the quilt magazines had a churn dash within an ohio star block that I really liked. I've got that planned after I finish the t-shirt quilt I'm working on now. It's for a birthday, it's got B-monster movie t-shirts and I pieced it to look like film strips. My daughter cut me a stencil of a bat and I get to try out quilter's pounce.