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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another one finished

I had a hard time getting good photos of the stitching on this one.  The thread blends in really well.   No stitching showed up at all in photos of the back. 

It wasn't quite as hot in the studio yesterday which meant I could work long enough to get this one finished and the next one put onto the machine.

I did an alternating feather and curls on the border.  A simple loop design on the inside border.

I did a curl design on all the lime green inside sashing and floral designs on some of the piecing.

There's stitch in the ditch all over.   I did a leaf and curl design on the outside triangles.

The smaller piecing has line dancing on them with a futterby here and there on the larger of those.

It did take what seemed like an extra long time to quilt this one even though the designs were not difficult.  What took the most time was the stitch in the ditch.  There is a lot of bias with all the triangles.  Add to that the on point setting, you get lots of extra fullness that needs working with very carefully so you don't get puckers everywhere.  That's what took so long.  Being careful not to get pleats and puckers. 

The weather is supposed to be not quite so hot for the next few days.  I sure hope so.  It's been a really long time since I was able to start the next month's quilts a week early.  I have the first July quilt on the machine.  Usually, a machine quilter is way behind schedule because of life happenings and over booking.  I really like being semi-retired!  I'm headed to the kitchen this morning instead of the studio.  For one person, I sure do create a lot of dirty dishes.... geeze.  I'll get started on the next quilt after I clean up the kitchen.


janet said...

That is just beautiful, I love the colors and the way you quilted it.

kathi said...

ah. semi retirement is being GOOD to you. EXCELLENT. I am rather pleased that the oldest quilt waiting for me says "estimated completion date,, JUNE" ok. so june is about over. but AT THE MOMENT i am NOT behind. giggle.
ENJOY your DAYS. even cleaning up the kitchen.

Anita Estes said...

Kathi, I'm so proud of you! You can't get quilt stressed when the waiting list is right on schedule. It's taken us a lot of years to get to this stage hasn't it?

Anita Estes said...

Thank you Janet. Ooo... I love the doggie with the glasses. That's so cute!