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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another finished

I finished this quilt early this morning before it got hot.  I did get the next quilt on the machine.  I started getting it stabilized.  It will be the last of the June scheduled quilts.  Just guessing but it may take me another 3 days to finish it. 

For this quilt I did a leafy vine on the outside border.

I did a swag design on the inside border and line dancing on the pieced squares. 

Here's the outside border from the back.

Here's a view of the blocks and inside border from the back.

I will be taking a ME DAY today.  The floors need mopping and laundry soap should be made.  There are onions and eggs to be put into the freezer.   The ME DAY today is all about things like that.  General things that should get done before it gets overwhelming.

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lw said...

The back of the quilt is as pretty as the front. Nice work!

Hope your me day goes well. I'm getting ready to go in to work for 9 hours. It's all about trigonometry today-- transformation matrices, projections and how to convert old excel macros into useful alignment spreadsheets.