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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Checking in

It seems like forever since I posted on this blog.  I haven't forgotten about it.  I've been busy getting my house back in order after my daughter and grand-daughter moved out.  I did start a new piece of cardboard furniture.  It's going to be a breakfast bar in my kitchen.

I will be posting the steps along with photos as I create it.  I'll create my furniture based on my own household needs.  A breakfast bar seems to be the most current need right now.   This will NOT be a quick project for me because I have many quilt UFOs to complete.  Cardboard furniture is a hobby..... quilting is my income. 

I hope to post a new step every couple of weeks as it gets made.  Those of you interested in how cardboard furniture is created.... so you can do your own.... this will be for you.  As you follow the steps you will learn the strengths of how cardboard furniture is created.  Once you know this.... you can design and create your own custom made furniture.

Hmm.... I guess I really should finish making the changes to this blog.  TIME!  Gotta find time..........

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