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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who won?

How can I tell when it's REALLY time for a good house cleaning?  When I see two large spiders are fighting over who will eat one small spider.  Neither spider won because a fly swatter ended the match.  These webs appear overnight.  It gives me the willies thinking I could wake up one morning with webs all over the house.  It feels like arachnophobia going on around here.  Really creepy!

I don't have time right now for cleaning because I have quilts behind schedule.  Even though I did semi-retire, I feel guilty when the quilts take way to long to complete.  This one has held me up for a couple of days.  I've had a hard time coming up with a good stitching design for it.  Maybe I'll come up with something soon.

I also have this one waiting.  I had a hard time coming up with a design for it too.  I think I finally have a good idea.  I'm waiting for the owner to give her approval for what I have in mind.  I still have three quilts to finish before I get to it though.  What I have in mind will require some marking and putting it on the machine twice.  I think it will look great when done..... if it looks as good as I can see it in my mind.

We had a little food preparation practice over the weekend.  Ladybug was learning about spreading butter on crackers.  It's kind of hard coming up with new teaching ideas for a two year old.    She's so anxious to learn new things that she wants to do it herself before I've had a chance to show how it's done.  I constantly have to slow her down to keep her safe.

I'm thinking a large magnifying glass might keep her occupied for awhile.  Kids can make all kinds of discoveries with a magnifying glass.  Maybe a trip to the school supply store or the discovery store pretty soon might be a good idea.  Gosh, I haven't been to those stores since my sons were small.  I don't know if the stores are still there.    Hmm... maybe I can find some xmas gifts for the other grands while I'm there.  My son tells me a couple of his kids are extremely gifted too. 

Ok, I'm hoping to get an early start on the quilting today.  The fair starts this week and I want to be ready.  I don't want to walk around the fair thinking about the work left at home unfinished.  I retired so I can enjoy going places without guilt. 


Katie said...

Ha! I took Kim Diehl's class at the NC Quilt Symposium in June and that's the quilt we started. i'll be interested to see how you quilt it.

Anita Estes said...


I didn't know who Kim Diehl was so I looked her up on the internet. Hmm... nice designs!

I think it interesting this quilt came from a lady in Bluffton, SC. Maybe she took the same class. This lady has asked if I would post glimses of how I quilt it. I said I would. Everyone will get to see the process too.

I won't get started on it for at least two or three more weeks. I have other quilts scheduled ahead of this one and I will be going to the fair several times.