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Monday, August 9, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

I had planned to get a lot done on my fair entry quilt over the weekend.  Ladybug spent Friday night and most of Saturday with me so I couldn't quilt.  Sunday, I think I'm going to get some quilting finished when...... Surprise!  My daughter hit the jackpot on peppers from the discount bin while doing her grocery shopping.  It's rare these days for us to be in the store when discount produce is put out.  Most is gone within a few minutes.

Instead of 50 cents each (on sale this week), she bought 44 peppers for 20 cents each from the discount bin.  Well they are slightly wilted in spots but are otherwise perfectly good peppers.   We use a lot of peppers in our cooking and these should be enough to last both of us for six months or longer.    So instead of quilting I found myself cutting up and flash freezing peppers before they wilted even more.

Along with preparing, freezing, drying foods, there are the messies to be cleaned up afterward.   Once again, I'm going to try finishing my fair entry quilt today.  I'm anxious to finish it because I have customer quilts waiting too. 

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