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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is this

It's totally unrelated to quilting but what kind of creature would create this type of nest?  Anyone know?  I'm afraid to find out.  It has what appears to be a hole dug into the wood of my house.  It also has webs in a tunnel shape.  Spiders don't dig holes in wood do they?  Wood digging creatures don't usually make webs do they?  It's very strange.  I'm afraid to disturb it because this type of creature might run faster than me.  I may not be able to get away fast enough.  I'm going to buy some all purpose bug killer with a long range spray.  Spray it and run like crazy. 

It's been too difficult to get onto my computer the last few days.  The quilt I was working on is down to the last border of quilting.  I think I posted that it had 5 borders but that's not true.  It has only 4.  Another "DUH" mistake on my part.  One border is a fool your eyes border.  A stripe fabric that my eyes see as two borders even when I know it's only one piece of fabric.  I've had several of those "DUH" mistakes the last few days. 

Now that the fair is over, my life usually settles down into a regular routine for the rest of the year.  The fair is a sort of mental signal that my summer activities are over and it's time for preparing to hunker down for the winter.  I'm hoping life settles for me again this year too.  Never know though.  Just when I think everything is ok and going smoothly.... something happens. 

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lw said...

Could be a carpenter bee or mouse who made the hole but left it. The webs would be made by an opportunistic spider.