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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not quite finished

Has blogger changed again?  Yes, it has.  I do wish they would stop making changes without warning me.  Now the photos load differently.  It made me think something was going wrong with my computer.  Anyway, this quilt is not quite finished.  I plan to finish it today.

As I was taking a break from quilting, sitting on the porch, several futterbys came floating by.  Some stopped to visit with me.  White ones, brown ones, yellow ones, and this little gal.  She was the only one that stayed still long enough for me go grab the camera.  Who knows, I may put her portrait in a quilt someday. 

The owner of this quilt has given me permission to quilt it as I want.  I plan to show the process as I work on it.  I've sort of unofficially taken the "process pledge" that I see on many artist's blogs these days. 

The process pledge is letting others know the artist's creative thoughts and sharing of how the art is created.  (I think)  I've always said  machine quilting is art.  Machine quilting should play nicely with the design of the top.  Large open areas of a top give the machine quilter places to add their art. 

I could do some trapunto designs in those areas.  Hmm.... seeing plain trapunto designs just doesn't look right in my mind.  They might look good on someone else's top but not this one. I see this quilt with a few more flowers and leaves added to the vines.  Not as more applique; but as what I call "ghosted" images in the background.  More color to tone down all that dark fabric.  Sort of like I did with the background roses on the rose quilt a few days ago.  A technique I learned from Patsy Thompson

I will post about this quilt again after I've completed the quilts scheduled ahead of it.  Right now I need to get my day started.

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