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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The next quilt

Whew!  It's stabilized.  I finished that part this morning.  It took lots of time fiddling with the top in order to keep it as square as possible.  There are 5 borders and on point settings in the center area.  No matter how perfect the top is sewn and pressed;  all those things can cause problems IF a machine quilter doesn't take extra care while getting it ready to quilt.  A slight over tug on the center at any place and all the borders become very friendly.  (wave alot)  It can also start to grow a tiny waist too.  (hourglass slipping)   

About every couple of hours I would need to take a break from the slow, careful SID work.  I decided to test out my new toys.  Both bought from the discount table.  This is actually my Xmas present from my daughter who decided she best give it to me before I bought one for myself.  She knew I was planning to get one on my next shopping trip.  Did I teach her right or what?  Love that she buys things from discount tables. 

I made and cooked these little meatballs to put into the freezer.  Now that Ladybug is going to be staying with me while Mommie goes to school, I wanted some quick fix things I can rely on if I don't want to cook.  A little sauce of some kind, a vegetable & biscuits (also in the freezer), and the meal is done in just a few minutes.

Well I couldn't stop with just those.  I also made these.  I call them KFC biscuits because the flavor is the same.  This batch is just not as fluffy as KFC biscuits.   I can improve the fluff when I get buttermilk.  I only had fat free in the fridge.  No powdered or canned milk either. 

Now that I have the quilt stabilized.... what will I quilt on it?  I haven't a clue right at this minute.  It's gonna require a little stand and stare time.  If I can get this one done, I've still got 3 more days (chances) to get back out to the fair.  I still want to look at the quilts more closely with no hurry to get back home.  Yes, yes, I know I can take a day off for fun if I want because I am semi-retired..... but I like to keep my word.  A promise is a promise.  


lw said...

I think the trouble you're taking with that quilt is well worth it-- it's gorgeous!

Your daughter is so sweet to get you a stand mixer. You did raise her right.

kathi said...

a RED kitchen aid!!!! that is TOTALLY AWESOME. my son in law Tim actually ASKED for one. a RED one. no. we haven't gotten it for them yet. giggle. i LOVE my Kitchen aid. i LOVE IT. so EXCITED you HAVE ONE. they are THE ABSOLUTE BEST.