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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to the fair

Sooooo many things to see, so little time.  I took over 300 pictures and now I don't know how to show them to my readers who would like to see what the KY state fair is like.  I guess I'll have to put them on either Webshots or Picasa and add a link on my blog?  That's gonna take some time though.  So I'll post a just one or two for now.

This is the one that got the blue ribbon for the category my bathing lady quilt was entered.  It also got the LAFTA ribbon this year.  You can read the name, I think, if you click the picture to make it larger.

Can you guess what this sculpture is?  It's in the recycled materials art category.  No? 

Well think burned marshmallow on a stick.  Yup, it's a smore.

I saw a group of men just having loads of fun over this quilt.  They loved that it was made out of denim and had jean labels on the squares.  I really like the quilt; but, I had more fun standing and watching the guys get excited finding labels of jeans they owned.  One guy commented that he wished he could make quilts because he had tons of pairs of jeans.  All agreed that a quilt can be made out of just about anything.  I sooo agree with them.  Before I moved on I told the guys to check with the textile department desk for a list of places to learn how to make quilts.  I later saw the men standing at the desk talking to one of the volunteers.  Hmm.... I wonder if I'll see any of their work next year?

I really like this quilt too.  It's by Barbara Rogers.  I missed it at first because it is near the very last row of textile items.  I hadn't gone down that isle but when I saw Barbara she asked me if I had seen it.  She told me where it was and I made a point of going back to find it.  I like it because she does thread drawing on her quilts too. 

Here's a close up of some of the stitching.  Sorry about the blurry picture.  My camera does that when I can't quite keep it steady.

Here's another close up of the stitching.  Hmm... maybe I should be taking lessons from Barbara? 

I would post more pictures but right now I really need to get off the computer and get that quilt done.  I hadn't intended to go back to the fair.  I got a phone call asking permission for my mother to go with a group of nursing home residents to the fair.  I decided to catch a bus and meet up with them.  Didn't happen.  I must have missed their arrival and it was impossible to find anyone in that crowd.

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kathi said...

sounds like an EXCELLENT day of YOU time. it was MEANT to be. ah. the GUYS. checking out the QUILTS and then standing in line for FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS. LOVE IT. you were NOT meant to catch up with mom. YOU were meant to BE THERE AGAIN. for ONE MORE TIME of RELISHING it. ahhh.. EXCELLENT GOOD TIME.