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Monday, August 16, 2010

I dropped my fair entries off Saturday.  Lots and lots of people dropping their entries off too. 

I like going to the fair to see all the quilts.  For me, it's like attending a big quilt show plus a craft show plus a garden show plus lots of other shows all rolled into one.  Imagine a show like the Paducah quilt show plopped down inside a convention center with other shows going on around it.  That's what the fair is to me.  I do wish there were more people entering rugs.  I believe last year there were only about 8 or 9 rugs entered.  I'm planning to talk with the new textile department manager to see if next year it can be improved a bit.  I can make suggestions but it's really up to whims of the fair board to make the changes.  If something doesn't interest them, they aren't likely to work on improving it.

After dropping off my entries, my daughter asked if I would ride with her to Sam's Club.  I haven't been there since the day it opened many years ago.  I was not impressed with it back then and only slightly impressed this time.

It can be a useful place to shop IF you plan to buy large quantities of anything all at once.  After walking through the store I decided it's not too bad for finding bargains on certain items.   I bought a 25 pound bag of bread flour.  As usual, I found the discount table.  Not much there.  Nice to know where it's located though.

Today I get back to quilting but I have work to do in the kitchen too.  I have a bunch of apples I bought Friday that need preserving.  That means peeling and slicing which takes time. 

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