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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fair entries done

Thank you everyone for the nice compliments on my rose quilt.  Some quilts are dear to my heart and that was one of them.  I made a promise many years ago to make the drawing into a quilt.  Although it took a very long time, I did finally keep my promise. 

I got this rug finished and washed.  It's so soft!  I have to make another rug with this technique.  Ladybug had a fit over it when she saw it.  She said, "Ooo pretty NaNa" and kept touching it.  Can't get a better stamp of approval than that.  She was trying to stick the trimmed off pieces into it and saying, "I make rug NaNa."  

All over the internet I see quilters who knit and crochet as another hobby.  I do know how to knit and crochet and will occasionally pick up the needles and yarn.  But right now my other hobby is rugs.  Actually, if I had enough money to buy one, I would own a harness weaving loom for making rugs.  I'm fascinated how those looms work.  Sigh.  It's simply not in my budget to buy an expensive weaving loom.  Maybe someday, someone will have one to give away free and I can give it a try.  Until then, I will be content to make rugs in different ways. 


Anonymous said...

Your rug is so pretty. I would like to try my hand at those bread bag rugs. My grandmother made one and gave it to me many years ago. I wish I still had it. You are so talented. I hope you do good with your fair quilts. Rosey

Anita Estes said...

Hi Rosey,

How was your grandmother's bread bag made? Was it crochet or woven or some other technique? I can show how it's made so you will be able to make yourself one if you like. I just need to know what technique was used.

Anonymous said...

I think it was crochet but I have never learned how to do that. I would rather make one with another method. Do you know one. Rosey