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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There was a really bad accident at the corner last night. Someone said it was caused by a tire blowout and speed. A child got thrown out of the car that had flipped over on top of another car. The child was said to be about 10 or 12. I don't know because I didn't go down to see. I didn't want to see. Why don't people use seat belts!!

Early this morning I did more work on the clothing memory quilt. I didn't have the chance to work on it yesterday. I think this will have to be an early morning project for awhile because I need to get another top loaded onto the machine.

How on earth does she manage it?? My SIL was here yesterday to start working on her next quilt top. I'm there with her the whole time. I think I'm keeping a close watch on her so there isn't a mistake made. Yet..... this happens.

I had her cut 64 ten inch squares using a slotted ruler. I have her first cut a 10 inch strip. Then turn the strip to cut the 10 inch squares. Next I have her cut a strip off one side of the blocks to start a backwards piecing project. I tell her I will pin them together for her while she starts cutting the pieces for another top. I get down to the very last two sets..... and this.

So how does she make one (in a stack of 4) nearly an inch smaller than the rest? All I can do is laugh at the impossibility of it happening. Yet, there it is. I tell you there's never a dull moment with my SIL. I spend a lot of time laughing at the things she manages to do.... even when I think it's not possible.
I later figured out that one strip had a wrinkle inside the fold that neither of us noticed. It frustrates her. It's especially frustrating to her when I bust out laughing.... but I can't help myself. I think its absurdly funny. She knows I don't mean anything by it. The only reason it frustrates her so much is because miss cuts cost money. She's frugal like me.
So she cuts another strip and then a square and everything is back on track.


lw said...

It does seem like your SIL's attention is wandering. When Navajo women set a warp before they weave a rug, they turn off all external distractions, send the kids to a friends house, use the bathroom, and prepare to focus until the warp is set and complete. Any distractions or stopping and the warp is not usable. Next time, have her try it without any distractions-- no phone, no talking, no radio.

Anita Estes said...

LW, funny you should say that. I was sure of no distractions this time. No phone, tv, kids.... nothing. Just her and me. Her mind wanders anyway. She's always been like that.

Someday I hope to be able to visit a Navajo rug maker while they weave a rug. I love making rugs too and have always been fascinated by their designs.