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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are these spices?

My SIL and I usually grab some fast food when we are out grocery shopping. It makes more sense to eat at a fast food place than to drive 20 miles back home for lunch then go back to finish the shopping.

I always keep the extra packets of sauces, etc from our meals. I use them

like spices when cooking. (Every penny saved helps the budget.) I use the Arby BBQ and the Mexican sauces to spice up a ground beef recipe. I don't want to give it a full Mexican flavor.... just give it a little spiceing up. I use the horsey sauce to add to any recipe using mayo or salad dressing. It gives just a little extra kick to the meal.

I don't like to store these without dating them either. If these are dated then I can use the oldest packets first. My way of rotating the stock so to speak.

Another note about freezing the tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits. You can also freeze the bottled (carton) juices too. Say for example you find a bargain on fresh juice in the dairy case.

You can pick up a couple extra and freeze them. There are a couple of ways to freeze the juice. One is to pour into ice cube trays to freeze and then put the frozen cubes into plastic bags. You then thaw out only enough cubes for a glass full or to use in a recipe.
The second way (which is what I often do) is pour the juice into a couple of quart size freezer bags to freeze. That way it stores very flat in the freezer and I can take out only a quart at a time to thaw. I don't freeze juice in the original container because I don't think it works as well as plastic bags. I've successfully kept juice and fresh fruits frozen about 3 months. Fruits usually don't stay frozen longer than that around here because they get eaten.

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Anonymous said...

That is so great to know. Also about the pie. You are so creative I never think to cut the pie in serving pieces and then freeze I would probably look at it in the store and think I would not use it up before it would spoil and not think about buying it and freezing it in pieces. I have to start thinking different. About the quilt stors you ask if I had been to. I have not but I know I would like them. I love quilts. I gave our granddaughter a quilt for her 16 birthday and plan to give all the girls one on that birthday . I am not an artist like you so I bought the quilt. I think it is amazing to be able to make quilts. They are so interesting just to look at. Rosey