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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My garden

Well... it's a start.

I have plastic down to kill the grass.  I'll remove it before filling the boxes.  It's three boxes 2' x 6' and 6 inches deep.  There's 36 spaces for planting with the square foot garden method.  I still need the upright supports for the tomatoes and cucumbers.  I hope to get those made in the next couple of weeks.  I need to paint it before we get the compost and peat moss to fill the boxes. 

The garden plants are starting to show up in places so it's time to think about what I will grow.  Deciding what to grow is hard.  I want to grow everything!  At least one box will be a salad garden.  I love salads in the summer so that's a must.  Tomatoes for canning and cucumbers for bread and butter pickles are a must.  Peppers and onions are definites too because I use them in cooking just about everything.  I can't forget to plant a few flowers to make it all pretty. 

Hmm.... my house may be raggedy but my little garden is going to be oh so pretty.  If I can keep the neighborhood kids out of it I may even get to eat some of what I grow.   It's taken me a lot of years to finally get a small garden spot again.  For way too many years my quilting career consumed my time.  I think I can see a new balance in my life now that I've slowed down.  My income is far less than it was when quilting for others but being able to grow food or bargain shop or make my own clothes again makes up for loosing the income.  Plus.... I now have time for life again.

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