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Monday, March 8, 2010

Discount bin finds

Sometimes there are items in the discount bin that are cheap enough I believe they are a good bargain. The trouble is that there is often more than one person would want to eat at one time.

I can't eat a whole pie by myself..... even if it's delicious. You ever had pineapple pie? Very close to heavenly food if you ask me.

Sometimes there are strange things I hope taste good but I've never had them before. Like peperoni rolls. I thought why not? If they are ok then I can make some for myself later. Blech! Not so good. They need marinara sauce and some mozzarella cheese. So ok, when I decide to eat these I can make a sort of roll pizza.

I flash freeze everything so it's in a size just right for one person.

Cutting a pie can get a bit tricky sometimes but it freezes well and won't matter when ready to eat.

One of my favorite things to find in the discount bin are fruits and veggies. A bag of tangerines with only a single one showing signs of bruising. The others were fine. Still, its more than I can eat at one time. So I flash freeze these to take out a few pieces at a time for a snack or for adding to a recipe.

Oooo.... oranges in the discount bin! I rarely get oranges. Someone usually beats me to them. I get tangaringes alot but not oranges. These go into the freezer too.

I didn't take pictures but I also got brocoli, grapefruits, and cauliflower. Those are also frozen. I guess you can see, I use my freezer a lot. I could have canned all the fruits and veggies. I just don't have storage room for canning right now. My jars are packed and put into the bottom of a closet full of other things. Making room for my daughter and grand daughter meant that some things had to be stored until she moves.

I try to do a combination of canning, freezing, and drying of foods. Some may remember that I lost everything in the freezer 3 different times last year. I'm hoping to prevent such a loss in the future by not storing everything in the freezer. Just as soon as they move I'll get back to the canning and dehydrating.


Anonymous said...

Good idea I really had never thought about freezing oranges. Hey did you get my e-mail on where I live?

Anita Estes said...

I got it but didn't get a chance to answer until a little while ago. Check your spam folder if you don't see it. Sometimes my emails get sent to spam folders because of the spelling of my name.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about freezing oranges or tangerines, either. Does the flavor change at all. I'm thinking a frozen orange slice would be like orange sherbert? You always give me something new to think about, thanks! Looks like you've added some followers...more blogs for me to check out everyday along with yours.
Have a good day!

Anita Estes said...

Freezing oranges, tangarines, and grapefruits doesn't change the flavor. I sometimes take out a handful to eat semi-frozen as a snack. My daughter doesn't like the white part so she peels this off before eating. I don't because I like the white part.