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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hardware and thrift store

My brother took me to the hardware to get boards for my square foot garden space.  While out we stopped at a couple of thrift stores.  When we came out of one store he was carrying this and grinning like a cat.
He hands it to me and says "here, I bought you something."  I love the case.  Thank you!

He says, "open it" so I do.  This is what was inside.

He tells me he thought I might be able to use it on my art quilts.  Fantastic!  I think I got a good brother.  I'm not sure of it's value as new but he paid $10 for it.  I believe the case alone is worth much more than that.  I'm not sure how these will work on fabrics but you can be sure I'm going to test them all.  I got this for $3.  It will be good for fusible applique work.

After our trip, he built these for me.  There are three boxes, 2' x 6' and they are 6 inches deep.  Sometime in the next few days we'll take a trip to get the compost and peat moss to fill them. 

We have the black plastic down temporarily to kill grass.  Before we fill it we'll remove the plastic.  I'm going to paint them too.  I still need pvc pipes to create the upright supports for tomatoes and cucumbers. 

My reaction to the boxes..... finally, after all these years, I'm gonna have a small garden space again.  Now if only I can keep the neighborhood kids from messing with it.  They play football in that lot.  The ball hits my house quite a bit.  Now that I have a spot where I don't want the ball to land, it will probably land in the garden a lot.   Somehow, what we don't want to happen usually does. 

My daughter found out that she can have a defferment on part of her closing costs.  Whew, what a relief.  For a while we thought she would need to start looking for another house.  She's doing the inspection today.  We hope nothing major shows up.  As far as we could tell, there are only minor cosmetic details to get finished. 


FoulkeArt said...

That case and its contents are such a treasure!

I know you will get good use from them!!!

kathi said...

I LOVE your case of art supplies. I am DROOLING on my keyboard as i type. WHAT A JOY!!! WHAT a GOOD brother you have. HOW did you resist not playing with THAT???

YOur garden boxes are wonderful to see. Yes, keeping the kids out will be a challenge. BUT it can be done. Brings back memories of when i first moved to Flint and planted beans on the side of the house, and flowers in the front bed. little did i know this was 'the route" for the kids tag game.

Yes, eventually they DID stop running thru my plantings.

lw said...

The art supplies look wonderful! They're worth a lot more than $10. I think there's a set like that on Dick Blick's website for over $100.

You could always use chicken wire over the garden-- tack it to the ground with hanger wire bend into 6" u shapes (like giant bobby pins) and use speaker wire staples to staple the top to the house. When you want to get into it, pull up the hanger-bobby pins. That would keep the balls from damaging the veggies. My garden has a three-foot high chicken wire and 2 by 4 fence to keep my dogs from getting into it.