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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It won't be long now?

Surely it won't be long before my daughter gets a house of her own? I question it because there are any number of things that can go wrong before the big moving day. I really think she's found her house. She has several to look at but she keeps talking about one in particular. It's not in the area I had hoped she would move although this house has all the features she wants. We will know more after this weekend.

I don't think I showed you this. It's the pod with the furniture of the lady who moved into the new house next door.... on the other side of my house. It irritated me that they put the pod only one and a half feet from the side of my house without asking me if it was ok. Then the guys moving her in walked back and forth through my yard carrying her furniture and stuff.... again without asking. The pod stayed there for about a week while she unpacked and walked back and forth through my yard.

Well finally it was moved yesterday. The truck pulled up and the guy unloaded this thing. Traffic had to wait on him.
He hooked the pod up with these chains.

Lifted it off the ground and back into the street. Breaking off a few branches of the trees along the street as he did. Then it was loaded onto his truck and disappeared. Finally gone!

I think the next major thing I need to think about is a fence around my front yard. I can see already there's going to be problems with the new neighbor using it for her own ideas.
Ok Anita, enough complaining. I did help my SIL get her last quilt finished for the baby shower. I also finished my undies and the tiny PJs.

I know I will miss my daughter and Ladybug a lot when they move and at the same time I'm anxious to get my normal routines back. My whole work and personal schedules are out of whack because I do things around their schedule instead of my own. I can't get much accomplished because I have to start working much later, then just when I get into a grove, they arrive home and everything comes to a sudden halt.
I look at my cardboard furniture and sigh. I look at the spot where I want to put in a small garden and sigh. I look at my stack of PIGs and UFOs and sigh. I look at my helpful hints blog and sigh. So many things had to be put on hold for awhile. It's definitely worth it though. Just knowing my daughter will have a house of her own and Ladybug will have space for sleepovers and backyard toys is well worth putting my schedules aside for awhile. Don't you think?


kathi said...

praying your daughter finds the perfect house for she and Ladybug. Yes, you will miss them, but yes, it will be nice to get your routine back. As for the new neighbor, Yup, best get a fence ASAP.

lw said...

I agree with you about the fence. Your neighbor had to know she was encroaching on your property, and wrecking your lawn and she didn't even bother to ask permission. What was that line from Robert Frost, "good fences make good neighbors?"