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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got more work finished on this quilt.  It's almost complete.  The photo is of my design wall.  The wall is behind my machine so when I work from it, everything is sideways. 

I got another quilt on the machine and started stabelizing it.  I want to have this one finished by the weekend if possible. 

Not much else to talk about today.  My daughter has the house inspection this weekend.  I've heard this inspector is very thorough.  I sure hope so. 

Oh, I forgot something I wanted to tell you.  Remember that Ladybug just turned 2 last month, right?  Well we are sitting at the table.  I'm making tabs for my freezer bags.  I lay them in a stack beside me.  Next thing, Ladybug starts picking them up one at a time and counting them.  Counting!  She counted from one to ten and started over.  I didn't know two year olds could count.   I thought most kids learned, at best, to say how old they are at that age.  I thought the counting was learned in kindergarden.  Geeze, have I been that out of touch?  That's a wake up call for me to get out of the studio more often and visit the grandkids. 

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lw said...

Actually, I think it's rare for a child who's just turned two to be able to count from one to ten, let alone back again. Pretty cool!