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Monday, March 15, 2010

Not much to blog about

It's become increasingly difficult to get any quilting done or get on the internet to blog. Although, I've not much to blog about unless you count frying sausage patties for the freezer or....

making a batch of home made laundry soap. It work great by the way!

My daughter works full time, goes to night college classes, attends home buyer classes, then studies or looks online for a house in "the between" times. This leaves Ladybug with me most of the time. Ladybug is climbing, getting into everything in sight, and generally taking lots of my time. She's not a child that will sit and play while I get some quilting time. Her attention span is short and gets bored easily. Perhaps I just haven't found the right thing to keep her occupied. I tried to include her in what I'm doing but her hands are just tooooooo quick. She wants to do things herself which can become dangerous.
The demands on my time have gotten out of hand. On the days when Ladybug is at day care there are outings with my brother, shopping days with my SIL, doctor appointments, house cleaning chores, and all manner of things that must be done. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and inadequate at my job. I shouldn't feel that way but I do. I think I have too many demands on my time. It's time for me to re-think my daily routines and hopefully get back on track.


kathi said...

i can surely relate. we LOVE our families. but they sure can drain us of our time. after all the "life interruptions" i find myself a SLUG with zero ambition the times i DO have "FINALLY i can get something DONE" time. This is not good. Let me know how your "time revamp" goes. I also need a new plan.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

You sound terribly busy with so many people pulling you in so many directions, but it sounds like you are the one being forgotten. Maybe it's time to declare one or two days a week as "your time" when you won't be at anyone's beck and call. Hope you can find some quilting time soon. Us quilters NEED that time for our mental health.

Anita Estes said...

You're both right. I needed to stop the interuptions. I started using my ansering machine again. I let it pick up for me while I kept working yesterday. I also told my brother I couldn't go with him this week and possibly next week. I needed to get some work done or I couldn't pay for any bargains I find.