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Monday, March 1, 2010

Aren't these cute?

Instead of playing on the internet this morning I started making the gift for my grand niece's baby shower this coming weekend. It takes just as much time to make tiny PJs as it does adult size. I should be able to finish these tomorrow after my SIL leaves. She's coming back to finish another baby quilt. If you are looking for ways bust your stash, making cotton PJs is good.

I've also been working on these. 9 more undies. I need to sew up the sides and they will be done.

I hadn't intended to make undies. I had drafted a pattern for a sport bra and then started searching for fabric large enough to make a bra or two. None of the scraps were large enough to cut out full pieces. I'll have to do more searching through scraps or sew some pieces together before cutting out the patterns. I saw several pieces just large enough for the undies so I cut them out and started making them.

After I got the undies nearly finished I realized there are enough scraps left that are large enough to make little girl undies. Ladybug is doing really well with the potty training. Maybe I can get her some made in time for when she's graduated out of pull ups. I'll have to draft a pattern and give it a try.

I have three tops here waiting to be quilted. One is waiting on the backing, one is waiting on the owner to bring me a design to stitch on it, and the third is waiting on the batting to arrive. That's why I've been sewing clothes instead of quilting.

My daughter may have found a house. She has an appointment Friday evening to walk through it. Looking at the internet pictures it seems like a really nice house with all the features she wants. I only hope there isn't some major problems which aren't visible in photos.

I think I'll go back a do some more sewing for awhile before Ladybug and Mommie get home.



lw said...

The little pajamas are adorable!

I'll keep a good thought for your daughter's house hunting-- my girls are also trying to buy a house together, but it's so expensive out here that as soon as a condo comes on the market that they can afford, they get outbid. I hope your daughter has better luck.

kathi said...

the jammies are ADORABLE. that is going to be a very lucky and COMFY baby. looks like FUN.. ah. i need to get to some FUN STUFF too.

rnmom502 said...

Those jammies are adorable.