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Thursday, August 27, 2009


The last couple of days, I've barely been home. Just here long enough to sleep. I had no idea that things would be so demanding on my time. I feel like a taxi driver with no time off.

Ok, enough complaining.

My niece is out of the hospital. Doing fine. Baby is fine too. She is going to classes today.

My brother is doing better. He's on medication for depression. As soon as they are sure it's working for him he will go home. The counselors at the VA are really good at working with PTSD patients. The patients themselves help each other a lot too. Just talking together about their experiences helps everyone. It lets them know they are not alone.

My brother and SIL are also working out their problem. They are talking at last. Lots of misunderstandings for both are now history. It's good to see them holding hands and smiling at each other again.

I'm headed to the studio to see if I can get some quilting done before I get a phone call to taxi someone someplace today. Geeze, I sure am putting a lot of miles on their car. It reminds me of the reason I gave my car away a few years ago. I had almost forgotten. Nope.... I'm still not ready to get a car again.

Oh, oh, too late, the phone rang before I could get started. SIL reminded me she has a doctor appointment at 9 this morning. I better get going.

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Anonymous said...

Glad things ar going well!