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Monday, August 10, 2009

Free green onions

Sometimes people just don't understand my tightwad ways. I baffle them. I find ways to save micro amounts of money that have other people shaking their heads. They wonder if I'm crazy or an extreme case of too tight with the funds. They question me.... why bother to do something when it's so cheap in the first place?

For example; I saw this trick on the food network a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to try it out. Green onions are usually cheap at the store. They are also easy to grow if you have a garden. But did you know that if you cut off the tops of store bought green onions and put the root part in water they will continue to grow and you can get a second batch of green onion tops from them?

I cut the tops of these to right at the top of this jar. In 2 days they have grown this much.

These two bunches of green onions cost me $1. By growing a second batch I will save myself $1. I don't know if I can get a third batch or not but I'm going to try it. In today's times the saving of one dollar is very important. My SIL asked me; What if you aren't ready to use the second batch of tops? Well duh, freeze them or dry them to use later of course.
She baffles me sometimes as well. She's a frugal person too; but, has no desire what so ever to preserve foods beyond the next grocery shopping day. She lets the grocery be her food pantry and saves money in other ways. Why doesn't she want to preserve foods? Because she doesn't like to cook. She cooks only because it's necessary and will avoid it whenever possible. A person must like cooking in order to think about canning, freezing, or drying foods for use later.
While her lack of desire to preserve foods may seem strange to me; my excitement about regrowing green onions is just as strange to her. We all learn to save money in our own special ways. What might seem odd to you will be exciting for someone else.
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