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Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting rid of STUFF

It was a very productive day and went faster than I thought. I got the closet office semi-cleaned. At least I can find things in there again. I never got around to finishing the painting of the walls in there. Perhaps it will get done before the big move..... perhaps not. It won't matter once the doors get re installed. This will remain my office when my daughter moves in here.

I got most of the bookshelves cleared off. The books went into plastic boxes under my bed until I can sort through them again. My daughter hasn't decided yet if she wants to use these or move them to another room. She will decide when her things get moved in.

I still have some items to get rid of. The rug frame, the sewing machine, and the baby swing will go live with someone else. (donated) The sewing machine is from maybe the 20s or 30s? It has a very unusual way of being opened for use. It has to be pushed up from underneath. The table does not have the swing out side as most tables do. The plastic boxes and the dog crate will go into the garage part of my bedroom closet for now.

I sorted all the books, papers, quilting templates, and quilting stencils that were on this desk. These went under my bed in plastic boxes. Nothing left on the table except the shredder, a lamp, and the window film I didn't get finished installing in this room three or four years ago. This desk has got to go live with someone else too. I've never used it for a desk. It's always been a catch all table..... sort of like a junk drawer. I want to stop using junk drawers and catch all tables so it has to go.

Now to find time to finish painting the closet office doors so I can put them back up. I need to find another place in the house to store the ladders. Oh yes, and paint the door frog too.

I've got a doctor appointment in a little while. That will take most of the day. Tomorrow I hope to go shopping for a washer and dryer. It depends on whether my daughter gets done with her own weekend chores in time for us to go. One of her chores is to get new tires and a tune up on her car. She's put it off as long as she can. The tires are getting too dangerous to continue using.
Time for me to get going to the bus stop.

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