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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Again, still 8 to go

I got more of the block design finished. Greek key design and leaves.

Another picture of it. See how the fullness is worked in?

When the leaves were all done I went back and did the corners.

Today I should get the sashing and corner stones done.
I feel so helpless sometimes. This morning, about 4, I step outside my door. There is a small grey car stopped a few doors down from my house. I hear this man beating on a woman and shouting at her to shut up or he would kill her. Plus four letter words I don't say. She's screaming help me, help me. I shut the door and run for the phone to call 911. When I get back to the door to look out and describe the car. I tell the operator that the car is gone.
The 911 operator asks me if I know them? No. Is he her boyfriend or husband? I don't know them. Did she get in the car voluntarily or was she pushed? I didn't see how she got there. Did I get the lisence number? It was where I couldn't see the tags. Can I describe them? It was too dark to see the people. I only saw the car. I could only hear what was said and the sound of him hitting her. I could hear it all the way down here. Which way did they go when they left? The car was gone by the time I got back to the door. A few more questions I couldn't answer and we hung up.
All I can do now is pray the woman gets away from him or the police somehow find her in time. I'm left to wonder if it is a boyfriend or husband..... or worse.
This happens a lot in my neighborhood. At least 3 or 4 times a year. Always very early in the morning.... or late at night for some. I think it's because there is a bar a block away. Couples get into a fight after a night of drinking. I'm always too late to give many details before they are gone. I do try to help by calling 911. I wish.... just once... I could have better information for the 911 operator.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Why, you can hardly tell there was any fullness in the block.

You do the best you can by calling 911. Just keep that in mind. You've talked about living in a bad neighborhood before so maybe you are the only one who even tries to get help for the one who needs it. That counts for something.

Anonymous said...

Anita, AWESOME!!! You are a master at making those problem quilts look like there was never a problem! I really mean it, as you know, I also do quilts and sometimes I can't cover all the mistakes but you are SO good at it!!
I am trying to catch up on my blog reading, and am so surprised to read of your retirement! I am SO happy for you. I know how much pressure there is in this line of work.
Take Care,
Diana in Illinois